Founded in 1968, the Hotel Calacoto became the pioneering hotel in the southern district of the city of La Paz.

Currently classified as a 3 star hotel, the wide range of offers and services it provides its guests, denote characteristics of  4 and 5 star hotels.

Its tradition added to a well recognized reputation, thanks to the comfort of its facilities, excellent services and attention to its clients, has permitted it to gain the sponsorship of a wide and increasing clientele.


Chronology of main events

The Hotel Calacoto was established by Dr. Luis Ampuero Villegas, who at the age of 73 decided to break into the field.

Dr. Ampuero saw the potential of the southern district before many others and decided to develop a new business concept from the extension and adaptation of his own residence, a large estate called " Villa Anita ". This house, constructed in 1936, was one of the first built houses in the southern district of the city.

It is worth noting that, in that time, this decision was criticized by everyone for being a risky initiative in a very peripheral area. In spite of this, the determined founder persevered in his idea until he made it become a reality.

First steps

The company started its activities in April 1971 with 22 rooms, soon becoming the only establishment of its kind in the southern district of La Paz. The first administration was at the expense of Dr. Luis Ampuero Villegas, supported by his wife Carmen Ramos de Ampuero and his sister-in-law Martha P. de Azcárraga.

Since its beginnings,  Hotel Calacoto's first clients were neighbors of the area that there were receiving visits of relatives and members of diplomatic organizations, mainly of Embassies and Military Attachés.

Consolidation and increase in capacity and services

In 1972 the oldest son, BSc Luis Ampuero Ramos, takes over management of the hotel for five years. In 1978, up until 2007, the younger daughter Ms. Martha Ampuero Ramos, will assume the administration.

In order to move forward, throughout the course of almost four decades, the owners of the Hotel Calacoto have effected constant improvements of the housing capacity and services of the facilities. These contributions have been essential for the company to be able to meet its commitments and carry out a series of refurbishments and improvements.

On 1979, the first meeting and conference room was enabled, with capacity for 50 people. At the same time during these years, some of the rooms were converted into apartments with kitchenettes, in order to allow single persons or families, who needed to reside in the city, to stay for more extended periods.

Events and Conventions Center

In the last years, the company launched its main work: the construction of an Events and Conventions Center. It is located to the south of the main block of the hotel, which began its operations at the end of 2006 and was inaugurated in July 2008, with a capacity of up to 300 people. Among other hotels of the district, this center is one of the best of its type, besides counting with other lounges of different sizes, with capacity of 15 to 100 people, endowed with all the necessary facilities of communication and comfort. With the implementation of these works, the Hotel Calacoto will assume a leadership role in the promotion of events, meetings, and conventions.

Our staff and collaborators

The main assets of the company are comprised by a group of 75 people, permanent fulltime employees, and 80 people, who provide part-time services in the different events. The staff represents the foundation of the quality and warmth of our services. 

The future

The owners and personnel of the Hotel Calacoto continue improving and extending the establishment's services, motivated by an increasingly competitive environment in the dynamic Southern district of La Paz, due to the rise of several new 4 and 5 star hotels, and some of the best restaurants of the city, which demand for an innovative spirit and unstinting desire to improve our tourist and gastronomic services.



General manager

Mr. Luis A. Ampuero Ramos, Ph.D.


Administrative and Financial Manager

Lic. Adm. Oscar Ledezma Espinoza


Accomodations Manager

Mrs. Alicia Elena Sagárnaga


Manager System

Sr. Nelson Ledezma


To provide high quality accomodation services and the organization of events with warmth.


Our main goal is to become the most complete hotel and center of events and conventions of the Southern District of the city of La Paz, offering unique and high quality facilities and services in each of the branches of our activity. We seek to offer quality services with warmth, assuring that our clients not only should be well served, but also feel valued.  

We are a unique place, where we have an careful eye for details, cleanliness, as well as the safety of our guests and their belongings.

We maintain the friendly and informal treatment of our guests and provide spaces for the satisfaction of their different needs, from a good nights sleep, to a tasty meal and innovative top quality complementary services.


  • In Calacoto Hotel is committed to providing our guests with:
  • High quality services with warmth